Matlab software for Robustness Analysis of LFR models

LFR-RAI is a Matlab-based toolbox for robustness analysis of uncertain models in Linear Fractional Representation (LFR). It is an extended version of a code originally developed by Alfio Masi, Andrea Garulli, Simone Paoletti and Ercument Turkoglu within the COFCLUO project.

The software comes with a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) which allows to easily setup the problem, run the robustness analysis tools and analyze the results.

Uncertain models must be coded according to the LFR Toolbox originally developed by Jean-Francois Magni (more info here).

The robustness analysis techniques implemented in the current version rely on the following works:
- [DS] M. Dettori and C. Scherer, "New robust stability and performance conditions based on parameter dependent multipliers", in Proc. of 39th IEEE Conf. on Decision and Control, (Sydney, Australia), pp. 4187-4192, 2000.
- [FD] M. Fu and S. Dasgupta, "Parametric Lyapunov function for uncertain systems: The multiplier approach", in Advances in Linear Matrix Inequality Methods in Control, (L. El Ghaoui and S.-I. Niculescu, Eds. Philadelphia, PA: SIAM), 2000.
- [WB] F. Wang and V. Balakrishnan, "Improved stability analysis and gain-scheduled controller synthesis for parameter-dependent systems", IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, vol. 47, no. 5, pp. 720-734, 2002.

The semidefinite programs arising in the considered conditions are solved by using YALMIP and SDPT3.

  • LFR_RAI version 1.01
  • LFR_RAI user's guide
  • COFCLUO Technical report D2.3.5 on techniques and results
  • We strongly encourage you to try it and send feedback to: garulli  at  ing.unisi.it

    The software is distributed under the GNU General Public License 2.0. For any application that may be incompatible with this license, please contact us to discuss alternatives.
    The software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


    Last update: March, 2011