Research projects

My main research interests include: system identification, state estimation and filtering, robust control, LMI-based optimization, autonomous navigation and mobile robotics.

Here are some research projects I have been involved in:

*  ACANTO: A CyberphysicAl social NeTwOrk using robot friends (EC, H2020 programme): developemnt of human motion models in crowds, with application to groups of robotic walkers in an indoor environment.

*  DALi: Devices for Assisted Living (EC, 7th framework programme): map construction for autonomous navigation of a robotic walker for elderly people.

*  ADDRESS:Active distribution network with full integration of demand and distributed energy resources (EC, 7th framework programme): electrical load forecast for smart grids in the presence of active demand.

*  COFCLUO: Clearance of Flight Control Laws Under Optimization (EC, 6th framework programme): convex optimization techniques for robustness analysis of flight control schemes.
Partners: Airbus, Linkoping University, DLR, ONERA, FOI.
Workshop on Clearance of Flight Control Laws, Siena: September 26, 2008.
2nd Workshop on Clearance of Flight Control Laws, Stockholm: January 28-29, 2010.

*  Multi-agent systems: localization, SLAM, path planning, formation control, pedestrian motion models, opinion dynamics and other nice problems.

*  Aerospace Control Lab: attitude and orbit control, autonomous navigation, electric propulsion, mission simulation.

*  Automatic Control Telelab: a remote laboratory for control and identification experiments on real processes via web.