Voice Mouse

REALLY Under Construction!!

Voice Mouse is a device devised to aid disabled persons to efficiently and comfortably control the pointer on a graphical interface. People  having serious motor handicaps can improve : in fact, the use of traditional mouse may be impractical for them, because it requires good coordination between visual perception of the pointer on the screen and hand/finger movements.

Voice Mouse can control the pointer by using vowel-based utterances and can be adapted to any particular user and workstation thanks to a short learning session. The design of the voice device was based on the assumption that the user is able to produce simple utterances.

The system makes easier for the user to interact with the computer providing a basic interaction protocol and application specific protocols.

In the basic protocol, we choose four vowels (A, E, I, O), each associated to one direction for pointer motion on the screen, as you can see in the figure.

The composition of these four vowels (AE, AI, AO, EA, ...) emulates the pressure, the release and the click of mouse buttons to accomplish the operations of selection and drag-lock.

The association between commands (A, E, I, O, AE, AI, ...) and events (pointer up, pointer right, pointer down, pointer left, click left button, ...) is configurable by the user.

An application specific protocol is activated whenever the cursor enters a particular context. The protocol focuses the user commands to the specific actions that can be activated in that context. If the user describes the window of a particular application in a configuration file, when the pointer enters in that window the correct application specific protocol is activated.

Voice Mouse offers also the possibility of using a virtual keyboard to write characters and other symbols selected with two utterances of different commands.

Hardware requirements:

  • Audio card (sound blaster or similar);
  • Head-mounted close-speaking microphone.
  • Software requirements:

  • Windows 95 or
  • Windows NT.
  • Download the demo vmouse.zip (556 Kb)

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