About Me


  • I received the MS Laurea degree (cum Laude) in Computer Engineering from the University of Siena, Italy, in 2006, and the Ph.D. in Information Engineering (Research Line: Adaptive Systems for Information Processing) in April 2010 (advisor: Prof. Marco Maggini). 
  • From April to October 2009 I've been working at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA, with Prof. Mikhail Belkin.
  • From February 2010 I'm a Research Associate at the Department of Information Engineering (DII), University of Siena, Italy, under the supervision of Prof. Marco Gori.

I am a member of

  • Artificial Intelligence Research Group (AIRGroup Siena)
  • Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI*IA)
  • International Neural Network Society (INNS)


My research is addressed towards the development and the study of Machine Learning algorithms. I am currently involved in Computer Vision projects, whereas in the last few years I was strongly focused on Regularization Theory, especially on innovative Regularization Schemes that are build upon the general notion of Learning from Constraints. My interests include Semi-Supervised Learning, Kernel Machines, Similarity Measure Learning, Neural Networks, and Computer Vision applications.

I am an active reviewer for several Machine Learning related Journals and International Conferences (The Journal of Machine Learning Research, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Neurocomputing, ...).


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