In this page you can find a set of links to some of the projects that involved me in the last years. See the corresponding webpage for additional details (some of them are in Italian).

Ge.Ri.C.O. - Gestione delle Risorse Critiche in Ambito Ospedaliero

  • Modellazione e progettazione di sistemi informatizzati di supporto alle decisioni per facilitare l’organizzazione e la gestione delle risorse più critiche in ambito ospedaliero (PAR FAS REGIONE TOSCANA Linea di Azione 1.1.a.3.)

V.EN.US. - Visual ENhancement of USers:

  • A system for the automatic enhancement of human faces using Machine Learning techniques. Can the machine learn the concept of beauty?

FEPS - FeaturE PointS Face Dataset

  • A dataset of manually marked position of face features on a collection of famous face datasets and on some newly created ones.

ART.I.ST - ARtificial Intelligent CaricaturiST

  • A new challenge for human face understanding: the automatic generation of caricatures exploiting machine learning techniques.