Teaching activity of CM

Since 2000 Chiara Mocenni teaches at the Department of Information Engineering and Mathematics of the University of Siena the following courses:

2009-2014: Complex Dynamic Systems - MSC on Management Engineering, MSC on Mathematics, MSC on Computer and Automation Engineering
2013-2014: Game Theory and Evolutionary Games
2009-2013: Decision Analysis (Analisi delle Decisioni) - MSC on Management Engineering, MSC on Mathematics
2004-2009: Modeling and Simulation (Modellistica e Simulazione) - MSC on Management Engineering, MSC on Information Engineering
2002-2010: Modeling of Environmental Systems (Modellistica e Gestione dei Sistemi Ambientali) - MSC on Management Engineering
2004-2009: Decision Support Systems I (DSS I) - Laurea on Management Engineering

DII - CSC - University of Siena - via Roma, 56 - 53100 Siena (I)
tel. (+39) 0577 234850 ext. 1015, fax. (+39) 0577 233602

Last update: April 11, 2010